Poor People's Campaign

The Oklahoma Poor Peoples Campaign will hold a Moral Monday, open air press conference at 11:00 AM, Monday, July 26, 2021 on the vacant land directly south and west of the Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center, 11 NW 11th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73103. The purpose of the press conference will be to publicize our demands that Oklahoma Senators James Lankford and James Inhoff save our democracy and serve the needs of poor and low income Oklahomans by voting to 1) End the Filibuster, 2) Pass the For the People Act, 3) Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and 4) Raise the Minimum Wage to $15 per hour. Immediately after the press conference , we will march two blocks south to the Office of Senator Lankford to present our demands in person at the Senator’s office.

The public is invited to attend in support of our demands. If you willing and able to support this action or would like more information about our campaign, please fill out our form Join the Campaign! today.