Poor People's Campaign

The Brookland Manor community is entering their sixth year fighting to keep their community whole against a redevelopment project that will displace more than a hundred of their families. Keeping the community strong and together is an essential part of their fight.  

Please support this community and their struggle this winter!

You can support us by contributing to their supply drive to keep their people safe, warm and connected during the winter months.

How you can support them:

1.     Purchase supplies directly from their Amazon Wishlist: The community is in need of laptops for children and seniors, warm clothing (hats, gloves, and socks), and cleaning supplies. Students still do not have functional laptops one semester into this school year, so laptops are the highest priority.

2.     Donate to their GoFundMeThey will use this money to purchase supplies, provide stipends for community members engaged in organizing work, and purchase small holiday gifts for community members.

COVID-19 has hit the Brookland Manor community hard and the job loss is continuing. Their Residents Association is working hard to ensure people have the basics they need to get through the winter. Please join us in supporting them.