In the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election, there were 25 debates and not a single question was asked about poverty or systemic racism.

Here’s what we’ll do at our Congress to make sure the issues we are facing and the Poor People’s Campaign Moral Agenda and Demands receive the attention they deserve:

  1. Launch the Poor People’s Campaign Moral and Constitutional Budget, which will assign hard numbers to the economic and social benefits of implementing our Campaign’s demands
  2. Challenge the 2020 candidates to hear directly from Campaign leaders from the impacted people leading this Campaign in the states and take up our Campaign demands 
  3. Convene our first National Freedom School to train Campaign members and supporters in fusion politics and moral movement building so they can make an even bigger impact in their states 
  4. Hold Congressional hearings with testimonies delivered by impacted Campaign members and leaders

We want to make sure anyone who wants to can be there with us this June. Please consider making a donation to the PPC Congress Travel Fund which will help defray travel costs for Leaders attending from around the country.