We want to hear from you! let us know how you’ll be coming to D.C. and how many people you’ve organized to attend this historic day of the Poor People’s Campaign.

Fifty years ago, members of the first Poor People’s Campaign made their voices heard by camping out in Resurrection City, a tent city on the Washington Mall where thousands of poor people from across the United States gathered to demand that the nation “lift the load of poverty.”

But it’s been fifty years, and there are 60% more people living under the poverty line than in 1968, the Voting Rights Act has been dismantled, and children in our poorest cities aren’t even guaranteed clean water or sewage treatment.

We need your help moving this country forward by seizing the nation’s attention this June. People are ridesharing, buying train tickets, and getting on free buses organized by activist groups across the country — anything to pack the National Mall on June 23 and demonstrate unprecedented grassroots strength.