Poor People's Campaign

Sign the letter below:

100,000+ people are uninsured in West Virginia, 350,000 WV workers make less than $15/hr, 710,000 or 40% of all West Virginians are poor or low-income.
140 million people in the US are poor or low-income
66 million White people
26 million Black people
8 million Asian people
38 million Latinx people
2.14 million Native & Indigenous people

Which side are you on?

Sen. Manchin, your policies are hurting miners, veterans, mothers and children. This is sinful, morally and economically indefensible, and constitutionally inconsistent. Stop serving the positions
of the US chamber of commerce.

While you have moved some in response to
the moral call of the movement, you are…

Still playing games with our democracy
Still trying to slip in voter ID lies
Still blocking living wages
Still blocking modest infrastructure plan
Still hiding behind coward filibuster

We stand for the needs of poor & low-income West Virginians: Full voting rights, $15/hr minimum living wage, labor rights, universal health care, affordable & accessible housing. 


Senator Manchin, it’s not too late to do the right thing and join us on the side of democracy.

More than 5,000 West Virginians and religious leaders from across the
country have signed our letter to you with these demands.