Poor People's Campaign

The Poor People’s Campaign has released a powerful new voting report ahead of the upcoming elections, “Unleashing the Power of Poor & Low-Income Americans: Changing the Political Landscape.”

READ IT HERE: bit.ly/ppcvoterbrief

The concerns of the poor have an impact on everyone. Yet, in the lead up to the 2016 elections & for most of the 2020 primary season, not 1 hour of these debates focused on poverty or the issues facing these millions of people.

The 140 million poor & low-income people in America have the POWER to change the direction of this country!

An increase of at least 1% of the non-voting low-income electorate would equal the margin of victory for Michigan in 2016, or a 4% to 7% increase in states such as Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin.

The Poor People’s Campaign is building power across race & background to unite around commonly held needs & demands. Our efforts have proven low-income voters will mobilize & vote when their issues addressed & they‘re able to hold policy makers accountable.

We know that the power of the poor & low-income vote has never been more critical & potent than it is now. ‬

Learn just how much power we have. Read “Unleashing the Power of Poor & Low-Income Americans: Changing the Political Landscape”.