Poor People's Campaign

Dear Minnesota Poor People’s Campaign,

We are working to build the people power needed for events like the nationwide press conferences on June 7th! On this Moral Monday, the Poor People’s Campaign will be demanding that all House Representatives sign onto the 3rd Reconstruction Resolution.

We strongly support this transformative and forward movement, and ASK you to do two things:

????????1. CONTACT your House Representative to demand they sign on to this 3rd Reconstruction Resolution that lifts from the bottom up. Continue to contact them as often as you possibly can!

????????2. SHARE the 3rd Reconstruction Resolution with your network of friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors! Let them know why this resolution is important to your life and the lives of everyone in our country and encourage them to contact their House Representative and sign the resolution.


Visit https://www.3rdreconstruction.org for details.


????????If you would like to get involved in the MN PCC by participating in the Coordinating Committee or contributing your skills and gifts in other ways, please e-mail us at [email protected] .

THANK YOU for your support in creating a 3rd Reconstruction!

Forward together, not one step back!✊✊