Poor People's Campaign

We are calling on candidates for public office in 2024 and beyond to endorse a moral public policy agenda that can expand democracy to all people and the end crisis of death by poverty and low wealth, which kills 295,000 people each year.

Our 17 Point Agenda

  1. Abolishing poverty as the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.
  2. A living minimum wage of at least $15 +/hour (indexed for inflation)
  3. Full and expanded voting rights
  4. No more voter suppression
  5. Guaranteed workers’ rights & labor rights
  6. Healthcare for all
  7. Affordable, adequate housing
  8. Strong social welfare and safety net programs
  9. An end to gun violence, profit and proliferation
  10. Fully protected women’s rights
  11. Environmental justice that secures clean air & water
  12. Justice for all Indigenous nations
  13. Fully-funded public education
  14. Just immigration laws
  15. Addressing militarism and the war economy
  16. Standing for peace not war; an immediate cease fire in Gaza that allows humanitarian relief, the release of all hostages, and peace with justice to be pursued; and an end to genocide, around the world
  17. An end to hate, division, and the extremist political agenda

Mobilizing Partners

The Christian Church (DOC)
Common Cause
The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries

Good Trouble
The Kairos Center for Religions Rights, and Social Justice
Kentuckians for the Commonwealth
Repairers of the Breach

Make it Plain
The National Council of Churches
National Council of Jewish Women
The Union of Southern Service Workers

Take Action

The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival is uniting people across the country to challenge the interlocking injustices of systemic racism, systemic poverty, ecological devastation and the denial of healthcare, militarism, and the false moral narrative of religious nationalism. Join the Poor People’s Campaign in your state and help fight for a democracy that guarantees civil and human rights for all!