Poor People's Campaign

Poverty destroys lives, shatters dreams, and devastates and traumatizes communities. But in Maryland, the richest state in the Union, poverty is on the rise. Everybody has the right to live and thrive. Add your name to the Maryland Poor People’s Campaign petition calling on the Maryland General Assembly to enact a Resolution to End Poverty in our state.

If you are an individual, please sign at bit.ly/EndPovertyMD1.
If you are an elected official or candidate for office, please sign at bit.ly/EndPovertyMDEOC.
If an organization wishes to sign on, please go to bit.ly/EndPovertyMDOrg.
To read the resolution, please click here to visit its page on our blog.
#EverybodysGotARightToLive #FightPovertyNotThePoor #ForwardTogether