Poor People's Campaign

Support the Constitutional Amendment for Environmental Human Rights:
TAKE ACTION: Sign the amendment petition and ask 5 friends to join you. Contact
Nina Beth Cardin ([email protected]) to get involved.

Bills that make a difference for low-wealth Marylanders
Contact the MD PPC Policy Working Group at
[email protected] for more information.

  1. HB178 Cottage Food Businesses Annual Revenues Bill
    Sponsors Delegate Chang and Krimm
    Increasing the cap on annual revenues for sale of cottage food products from cap of $25,000 to
    $100,000. Hearing finished in Health and Government Operations.
  2. HB141/SB23 Equity in Transportation Planning
    Delegate Ruth and Senator Carter
    This bill prevents State transportation plans from harming low-wealth communities. We know what
    happened when Baltimore neighborhoods were destroyed by highway development.
    House Finance and Senate Finance Committees

Jan 31-Feb 6: Policy Work Group Report on Events in the Maryland General Assembly (MGA)

This week’s report includes an update on funding for Counsel in Renters Court; update on Time
to Care; link to JUFJ Watch Parties on bill hearings that we support; and new bills on
environmental justice; plus small bills that make a difference.

IMPORTANT: Beginning on Feb. 14, 2022, All testimony in the Senate must be in person. Connect to our partner JUFJ’s hearing Watch Parties at jufj.org/events/category/hearings/mdga-hearings/

Feb. 8 from 7-9 PM Protect Our Homes Day 2022, Public Justice Center & Renters United Maryland
Join Renters United Maryland for its annual “lobby night,” to speak with state legislators on its housing justice plan!
Register at bit.ly/RUM2022

SB135/HB171 Climate Crisis and Environmental Justice Act
Taxes fossil fuel imports into MD and requires 50% money be distributed directly to low-wealth families and 50% to communities to combat climate changed. More information at rebuildmdcoalition.org
Sign the individual endorsement for bill.

Funding for Council in Renters Court and (SB384):
To date, MGA has no bill to fund the Counsel in Renters Court Act. Two elected officials work on committees that could influence on this funding: Vaughn Stewart, House Appropriations, and Senator Shelly Hettleman, Budget and
Taxation. We should watch for a funding bill.
TAKE ACTION. Senator Craig Zucker, District 14, Montgomery County, has shown strong interest in making this funding available. Contact him.

SB0384 Stay of Eviction Proceeding for Rental Assistance Determination
Sponsor Senator Hettleman
Providing for the stay of certain eviction proceedings when a tenant is waiting for a determination regarding the tenant’s good faith application for rental assistance; and prohibiting a landlord from obtaining certain relief under certain circumstances.
TAKE ACTION: Attend Hearing 2/15 at 1 PM in Judicial Proceedings.
TAKE ACTION: Contact Senator William C Smith, Chair of Judicial Proceedings Committee

Time to Care Act of 2022
The bill supported by the Time to Care Coalition may not pass in its current form. But another family and medical care leave bill may soon be introduced in the House Economic Matters Committee: Chair, Delegate C.T. Wilson, District 28, Charles County. The MGA leadership seems committed to passing PFML, so we should continue to support our
partners’ efforts on this bill. TAKE ACTION: Sign a petition at timetocare.net.