Poor People's Campaign

Sun Feb 27-Sat Mar 5
SIGN PETITION to the MD Senate: Allow Virtual Testimony
(Sponsor: #KeepMDSenateVirtual)
On Feb 14, the Senate cut off virtual testimony. At least 180 organizations have joined the protest and demanded that the Senate restore virtual testimony. Sign the Common Cause Petition!

Sun Feb 27-Sat Mar 5
CALL SENATOR William Smith to support Child Interrogation Protection Act (SB 53/HB269)
This bill protects children from detention and interrogation by police officers without parent notification. Many of these children are from low-wealth families living in poverty-impacted neighborhoods.
Senator Smith, Chair, Judicial Proceedings Committee.
Phone: 410-841-3634/301-858-3634.
Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122, ext 3137.

Mon Feb 28 by 4:00 PM
UPLOAD TESTIMONY on HB521 Landlord and Tenant—Repossession for Failure to Pay Rent
Shielding Court Records during Covid-19. This testimony will be read by the House Judiciary Committee. What can you testify to? You or those you know were charged with eviction for failure to pay rent between 3-5-2020 thru 1-1-2022.
Testimony can be uploaded here on the Maryland General Assembly site. You must create an MGA account in order to sign up for testimony or upload written testimony.

Wed Mar 2 at 1:30 PM
ATTEND HEARING on HB694/SB944. Medical Bill Reimbursement—Hospitals—Medical Assistance

Health and Government Operations. Yes, the Legislature passed the End to Medical Debt bill last year, BUT IT HAS NOT BEEN IMPLEMENTED. This bill forces hospitals to reimburse families who were charged, paid, and were eligible for free care. NOTE: We wrote testimony on Medical Debt on Friday. Go to this website and then click on YouTube link at the bottom of the page.