Poor People's Campaign
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March 15 @ 9:45 am11:45 am MDT
Colorado State Capitol
200 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado

While America revels in the passing of the COVID Relief Bill, GOP legislators nationwide are working relentlessly to limit the right of Americans to vote. An estimated 263 voter suppression bills have been proposed across the nation, including 3 right here in Colorado: SB21-007 – Improve Public Confidence Election Validity, SB21-010 – Colorado Ballot Signature Verification Act, HB21-1086 -Voter proof of citizenship: all introduced by the GOP. The GOP interest in suppressing the vote is rooted in their inability to win an election held on a level playing field; they are ruthless in their fight for minority rule; we must be just as implacable in our determination to ensure that they do not succeed.

There are still many things missing from the COVID Relief bill and not every American who is suffering will get relief. Workers are undervalued as demonstrated in our national refusal to lift their wages after 20 plus years, and they will still be living in poverty when their COVID checks are spent. Though there are currently 6 vacant residences for every unhoused person, the stimulus will neither flow to them nor will it demand that states & municipalities make amendments to their laws & adjustments to the application of those laws in order to ensure the basic human rights of the unhoused are respected and upheld. We know that persons with entry-level or minimum wage jobs are priced out of the “affordable” housing market. But most do not know why. Generally, affordability is based on a community’s average income which is easily skewed to inaccurately reflect the realities of a given community’s financial realities and can often result in “affordability” being out of range for the typical citizen.

Please join us at 9:45 am on the South side of the State Capitol building on March 15 as representatives of the Colorado Poor People’s Campaign deliver our demands to the offices of the Governor, President of the State Senate, and Speaker of the State House that the State:

* Enacts no law abridging the rights of any registered voter to cast an unencumbered vote.
* Enacts a moral budget that recognizes Housing as a Human Right, provides adequate affordable housing for all citizens & and determines affordability based on median, as opposed to average community income.