Poor People's Campaign

We see the violence of injustice. 
We see the violence of racism against black people, Latinos, First Nations and people of color. 
We know this violence is a threat to all humanity and this yet-to-be perfect union. 

We hear the cries of the poor and low wealth in a land of abundance. 
We hear the fear of death among the uninsured and underinsured. 
We hear the groans of ecological devastation and environmental violence. 
We feel the violence of militarism all around. 
And we mourn the untold thousands who die every year from poverty, the lack of healthcare and pollution.
These things suffocate the life out of this democracy. 

We join the struggle of those hurting. 
And we commit every breath to work, march, fight, vote, and organize 
in order to breathe life into the promise of the 
establishment of justice, 
provision for the common defense, 
promotion of the general welfare, 
and the insurance of domestic tranquillity and equal protection under the law. 

As the ancient prophets call us to fast from oppression,
We know that to fast means to stop. 
We call on the nation to stop all forms of systemic racism, from racist police violence to voter suppression to polices that place the weight of injustice on the collective necks of people of color. 
We call on the nation to fast from militarized police.

We call on the nation to stop denying healthcare, decent housing, voting rights, equitable education, and the chance to survive and thrive. 

We call on the nation to stop the perpetuation of poverty and low income, 
to stop blocking living wages, paid sick leave, we call on the nation to stop destroying the environment.

We call on the nation to save communities.

Hear the call of God:

Is this not the fast we choose: 
to loose the chains of bondage?
Is this not the fast we choose:
to let the oppressed go free,
to meet the needs of everyone,
to forgive debts, raise wages, and promote the general welfare?

Because we are yet alive and breathing, yet free to stand up,
we commit ourselves to this work with every breath we have. 
With every breath we have, we make this declaration to fast from apathy. 

Everybody has a right to live. 

With every breath we have, we declare:
Somebody’s hurting our brother and our sisters. It’s gone on far to long, and we won’t be silent any more.