Poor People's Campaign

Two new Maryland PPC flyers are available for public distribution!

The Maryland PPC stands AGAINST Maryland Question 2 on the 2020 ballot; and also AGAINST Montgomery County Questions B and D.

As such, we have made 2 flyers for public distribution, either electronically with the short links provided below or for printing!

The first flyer is for statewide use in all counties, from Garrett to Cecil to Worcester to St. Mary’s to PG and all in between. This flyer is located at bit.ly/againstMD2

The second flyer is for use in Montgomery County only, as it includes information on voting AGAINST MoCo Questions B & D (which are BaD!). There is disinformation being spread about D in particular, so MoCo needs to know! This flyer is located at bit.ly/againstMCBD

Get the word out ASAP as people are already casting their mail-in ballots!