Poor People's Campaign

We know that the power of the poor and low-income vote has never been more critical and potent than it is now.

The Prophetic Pledge is a call for at least 1000 faith and community organizations to come together and pledge to each turn out at least 1000 people to vote. Shifting the electorate will require a mass wave of political participation. We know that the votes of poor and low-income people can fundamentally shift the electorate and their voices and political power will ultimately shape the policies of our nation .

Faith and community organizations that sign on to the Prophetic Pledge are signing on to help build a movement that votes and build the power we need to hold our elected officials accountable to the policies that the people are demanding.

By signing up for the 1000:1000 Prophetic Pledge you are agreeing to: 

  1. Be non-partisan; the Poor People’s Campaign is non-partisan but deeply political.
  2. Agree to build a team of trained MORE organizers to engage in voter outreach both inside and outside your faith and/or community organization. They will participate in the MORE Training. Click here to register.
  3. Attend the September 14th Voting is Power Unleashed online voter protection teach-in.
  4. As a leader you have fully read the principles and demands of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.
  5. Maintain a record of those you have engaged in voter outreach conversations by putting data into the outreach conversation form provided during the MORE Training. This data will be available to your organization upon request and it will be automatically shared with you twice before Election Day.